Write a program. Write a love letter to the future.

The event on Saturday, February 29,
It will be postponed after April.

Everyone who was looking forward to it,
I am very sorry.
See below for details.

Nishijima Robot Programming School
Appointment notice and postponement

We were planning to hold the event on February 29, but we have decided to postpone it after April this year. We apologize for the sudden contact. In response to a request from the government on February 27 for a request for temporary closure of elementary schools across the country, Nagoya City, the venue for the event, decided to take a look at the situation where elementary schools are being closed.
ROBOHON has already comee Aichi Prefecture, and I was looking forward to seeing all the staff. However, when the effects of this series of new coronaviruses converged and became warmer, it was concluded that it would be best to be able to participate more comfortably.
I would be grateful if you could give me a little time in order to meet everyone more happily and to have a better time. We will continue to do our best for children in the future.

Nishijima Seminar, Faculty of Letters, Chukyo University

What is the Nishijima Robot Programming School?


It’s a special robot education event, held irregularly,
that offers fun programing lessons and gives opportunities to consider
why learning about programming is important.

This robot helps individuals with limited mobility raise and lower their pants. There is also a new field of work called “robot philosopher”


Outside of Japan, there is a field of study called Techno-Anthropology that considers technology from a philosophical point of view. One example is in Denmark, where citizens held votes on the theme of, “Is it OK to fire cleaning workers if a robot cleaner is installed?” That’s because introducing new technologies does not always make society a happier place. Sometimes what is best for systems is not what is best for the world.
 It is important for societies to consider not “technology” and “society” needs separately, but a combination of what is best for technology and society together. We hope that our robot school will be useful for bringing greater happiness to people in the future.

Robots and Aichi Prefecture

Aichi Prefecture robot industrial promotion/efforts within Aichi Prefecture/robot industry clusters

Aichi is the top prefecture in Japan for robots (in terms of the number of robot companies*1). With its traditional culture of making things, it fully supports not only automobiles, aviation, and aerospace, but Japan’s innovative robotics. From October 8 to 11, 2020, the World Robot Summit 2020 will be held at Aichi Sky Expo, which is directly accessible from Centrair International Airport. The Japanese government is aiming to make Japan the world's leader in robot utilization, and Aichi is also applying its potential to make this happen throughout the prefecture. By sharing the importance and the fun of robot programming with elementary school students in the Tokai region (which includes Aichi), we hope to invigorate both Aichi and the entire area.

The World’s Robot Scientists and Japanese Entertainment

From the World Robot Summit 2018. The 2020 Summit will be entirely organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Yorichika Nishijima is a member of the Executive Committee.

Even if they had opportunities to meet world robot scientists, most robot developers in Japan started studying because they watched anime such as Doraemon, Astro Boy, and Mobile Suit Gundam and thought, “I want to create that kind of world.” This means there are many new worlds that have opened from fields such as anime, manga, and video games, which are usually not associated with studying. From another view, learning about robot programming can also lead to other important discoveries. We hope everyone will continue to enjoy their interests and join us in learning about robot programming.
The purpose of attending this school is not only to learn how to make robots and get better at programming. The main purpose is to discover a fun world for the future through robots.

Learning about Robots from Age 41

Nishijima studied at the Institute for an Industrial Safety Culture (ICSI) in France at age 42, his first time studying abroad. Cultural and technological risks are actually closely connected.

Nishijima first began studying robots from the age of 41. From there, he quickly became a robot expert. That means elementary school students can easily overtake him if they are serious about their goals. Before reaching that age, Nishijima sold TV commercial proposals to television stations, made commercials, TV programs and films, and worked on various kinds of events. His university major was “Family Communications.” It wasn’t a scientific field, and it had nothing to do with his work. But seeing the increasing diversity in modern society, he realized that there were important perspectives and discoveries he could make as a non-expert.
 What kind of things do you like to do? We are sure that if you keep working at them, someday the things you like could bring about a wonderful future for everyone.

What is a “Love Letter to the World”?

Kirobo is the robot astronaut developed jointly by Toyota Motor Corporation and the University of Tokyo. He gave a presentation at the Tokyo Olympics invitation ceremony and holds two Guinness World Records.

Perhaps this amateur became an expert because he was constantly thinking about the intersections between technology, society, and enjoyment. There is a famous story that Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda Motor Company, made his first motorbike because he wanted to make shopping for loved ones easier. One of the important considerations for making things in the future will be, “Will it make your loved ones smile?” When Nishijima was producing TV commercials, he often thought about “writing a love letter to the world,” and he wanted the recipients as well as the sponsor company and even his own family to enjoy his commercials.
 When Nishijima gives assignments to his university students, he always tells them, “Think of what will bring happiness to the people within three meters of you, and to all of society as well.”

Our Wishes for the Robot School

Nishijima gave a presentation on robots at the G7 Summit in Ise. If you look closely, you can see RoBoHon and Kirobo.

After living in Tokyo for forty years, Nishijima moved to Aichi to begin teaching at a university. There he was surprised to learn about the historical attractions and delicious foods in Aichi and its neighboring prefectures, Gifu and Mie. But most of all, he was thrilled to be surrounded by so many warm and kind people. He wanted to give something back, so he came up with this idea for a robot programming school.
 Nishijima has come this far thanks to the support of many colleagues, friends and students. But as a means of giving back to the community, he is funding this event entirely on his own. That is why it will be held irregularly. There may be some shortcomings along the way, so he appreciates your understanding. However, he is thankful every day for the warm support he has received. This will be different from the usual robotics lesson, but we hope all participants have fun learning with us.


Branding 120 seconds

Event announcement 15 seconds


Event Dates February 29 and March 1, 2020
Target A pair of elementary school 4th to 6th graders and one guardian (2 persons). Those who can participate on both days.
* In the case of a large number of applicants, it will be a lottery. The meeting time and place will be sent to the participants.
* We shoot on the day and broadcast it as a TV program at a later date. Limited to those who can understand the shooting.
Pattern 1 : 90 participants in all programs for 2 days Add 90 parents. 180 people in total
Pattern 2 : 160 participants only March 1st lecture Add 160 parents. 320 people in total
* You can't choose either. We will tell you the result of the lottery.
* The announcement of the participation decision will be returned by sending the participation information e-mail. We will send the email about February 15, 2020.
Fees All events are free of charge.
Over the two days, we will shoot for broadcasting as a program on Nagoya TV. Therefore, you may be asked to take a picture with a camera or respond to interviews. As mentioned above, it is a qualification to participate if you understand these. We can only reach at most 250 elementary school students in the last two days alone. I want to convey this to the Tokai area as part of creating various opportunities without ending this event alone. Please understand.
Organizer Nishijima Laboratory, Faculty of Letters, Chukyo University
Yorichika Nishijima ( Nagoya TV "Up!" Regular Commentator / Teacher of Chukyo University / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "World Robot Summit 2020 Executive Committee Member )
Cooperation Nagoya TV / Chukyo University / SHARP / Fortune Entertainment / FORWARD INTERNATIONAL / JABURO / Pro-SPEC / AIST Design School
Support Aichi Prefectural Office